Thursday, April 1, 2010

Enjoy a Good Joke

This was our first year to play any April Fool's jokes on Flanna, and we really enjoyed it! As part of my Happiness Commandment to "Have Fun," and also as a way to share and create family traditions, we brainstormed fun April Fool's tricks for today. We had lots of great ideas, but in the end, we settled on two reasonable and silly ones.

First, for breakfast, I brought Flanna a plate of pretend food--cheese, bread, and a brownie from her play kitchen. Then I pretended to busy myself in the kitchen. It took her a minute, but then she said, "but mommy, why is it not real?". After I brought her a real plate of actual food, she got a kick out of playing the same trick on the dogs... Setting the plate of pretend food on the floor and saying, "April Fools!" when they went to investigate!

Then later, after I left for work, as my hubby was getting Flanna dressed for school, he put one of my dresses on her. He said that she told him, "this is too long!".

It was such a treat to start the day in such a lighthearted way! And hopefully we're helping Flanna learn how to take a joke in some small ways, too. This is definitely a tradition I'm hoping to continue for many years in our family!

By the way, I'm heading out of town for spring break today! Hooray for rest and relaxation! And not so much of a hooray for the long drive!

But hopefully friends, family, and the beach will all be worth the long trip! Actually, I'm sure they will be.

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