Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Loud Moments in History

I'm at the beach this week with the girls in my family. It's been great to have some vacation time to just hang out together. And at the beach yesterday, I made a point to really try to be mindful of being in the moment. There were some really amazing moments.

At first, when we had just gotten to the beach, we all stood at the edge of the waves looking out at the ocean. The water was cold but not too shocking on our toes. The wind tousled my daughter's wild curls and my nieces's sleek straight hair. The girls squealed every time a wave came close. Pure happiness.

Then there was the time that we saw some fishing boats, and my daughter yelled, "Hi, Pirates!" over and over.

And then there was the time when my niece decided to make "sand angels."

And then, on a walk, we saw a jellyfish that looked exactly like a round piece of ice. Exactly.

These little moments (some quiet, and some not so quiet!) added up to a really happy day. And a memory that I hope we'll all be able to call on when we need a little lift.

What moments do you call on from your memory when you need a happiness boost?

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  1. I have been so busy with our moving of "stuff" that I had not been to the beach for a very long time, too long! Seeing it through the innocent eyes of my grand daughters, feeling the cold waves breaking into foam over our feet, pirates on the horizon, lovely scary jelly fish, sand angels and shells in all forms of fabulous really brought me to life! Thanks again girls! Little and big!