Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Get Moving

Yesterday, my hubby was kind enough to give my daughter her bath and put her to bed while I went for a nice long walk on Duke's East Campus. For those of you who aren't familiar with Duke's Campus, there's a track around East Campus where people walk, jog, run, bike, walk their dogs, and just generally move.

It was such a happiness boost to get out in the fresh air, to see the trees blooming, to walk fast and hear the gravel crunch beneath my feet at each step, to breathe deeply and feel the strength of this healthy body I'm blessed with. It was a wonderful way to not only get my endorphins flowing with some exercise, but to also experience nature a bit, as well.

Hooray for wonderful husbands, beautiful days, and the ability to get moving (and happy!) every now and then.

How do you squeeze exercise into your life? Or, maybe you're better at it than me, and it doesn't feel squeezed in--if so, how did you get exercise to just come naturally?

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