Friday, April 30, 2010

Tiny Moments of Awe

Today, as I pulled into my driveway, I saw this:

I tried to be very quiet and still, and I managed to snap these photos with my phone. There were actually 2 rabbits, although I think you can only see one in the pictures. Both little brown cottontails. Both chewing away on our clover. Both amazingly nonthreatened by my presence.

Very cool. A tiny moment of awe.

Robi and Flannery came out to see them, too, and Flannery got pretty close to them. We see them every now and then, and she'd already been calling them her "pet" rabbits, but now I'm wondering if they haven't taken to the name.

In other news, I had GI study done today at Duke. Lucky me, I got to get up early in the morning, go to the hospital, put on one of those lovely gowns, drink about a gallon of liquid barium, and stay in radiology for 3 hours while they followed it through my GI tract. Fun stuff.

The last time I'd had this study done was the morning after I'd delivered Flannery. I'd had an intestinal obstruction while I was pregnant with her, and once she was born, everything seemed fine, but they wanted to make sure. So, the morning after she was born, the radiology tech wheeled me down to radiology (and away from my 12 hour old baby), and then I had to wait the 3 excruciating hours apart from my baby all alone lying on a cold radiology table. That time, I thought the study was probably going to take 20 minutes, and no one explained to me otherwise until I was crying and blathering on and on about my newborn baby and how now I'd been apart from her for a third of her whole life. The tech who steered me back to my room took every shortcut in the hospital to hurry this crazy mama back to her daughter.

Today's study was SO much better. First of all, Flanna was at her preschool, having fun and learning. And I was not hormonal and crazy and teary-eyed. I got to read a home decorating magazine for a few hours. And to chat with some wonderful patients in the waiting room who were also subjected to the gowns and the liquid barium. And I didn't have to lie on the table the whole time. They let me walk around and sit in the waiting room in between X-rays. Much better.

And, the coolest thing? My doctor e-mailed me my results by the end of the day.

Healthy, she said. Nothing that could cause an intestinal obstruction, she said.

Another tiny moment of awe.

What tiny moments were you thankful for today?

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