Sunday, May 1, 2011

Experience Nature: A Gorgeous Weekend

enjoying Locopops at American Tobacco
One of the things that makes me happiest is being outside in nature.  Some of my happiest memories as a child are sitting in a special climbing tree in our woods reading a book, or taking walks in the woods to a special mossy spot with my dogs. 

Anyway, this weekend was just gorgeous, and we got to spend so much time outdoors.  It was really wonderful.  On Friday, Robi, Flannery, and I joined our friends and their daughter to see a band play at American Tobacco.  Flannery and her friend got to play, dance, and eat Locopops popsicles together.  We stayed out way too late, but it was worth it. 

On Saturday, Flannery and I walked to the park and spent several hours playing and picnicking there.  While Flanna played, I got to read a few chapters of my Harry Potter book, which I've really been enjoying!  (I'm going to be sad when I finish the series, I think!  It's so exciting having a new chapter to look forward to each day!)  Flannery's learning to cross the monkey bars and kept wanting to practice it over and over with me "spotting" her (a.k.a., catching her every few seconds!).   

Flanna said, "It's gonna take you 11 years to finish that book!"  But I finished it today!

Can you believe these amazing gardenias?

The most beautiful flower I've seen this spring.

Then, today after church, we transplanted the seedlings that we had started from seed several weeks back.  Flannery made some cute tomato-teepees from sticks to keep the squirrels from digging up our delicate seedlings, and she also wrote the tiny plant markers.  I thought it was really cool that, not only did she write them (with me helping her sound out each letter), but after she wrote them, she was able to pick out which one we needed from the group of markers when I asked for the one that said "peppers" or "basil."  It's exciting to see her reading & writing skills coming along bit by bit. 

The "tomato teepee" Flannery made to protect our seedlings from squirrels.




yellow cheery!

We planted some herbs, tomatoes, and flowers, and then the mosquitoes emerged and chased us inside.  Robi made an amazing BBLT (bacon, basil, lettuce, & tomato sandwich) that was such a simple and fresh (can I describe a bacon meal as fresh?) way to end the day.   It was just such a gorgeous weekend, and I tried to really be in the moment and appreciate it. 

I know that too soon, lazy days spent with our little family will be few and far between.  Flanna will be busy with sports or drama or ballet or whatever it is she's going to be into, and Robi's job will get more demanding when he's tenure-track, too.   But for now, I am soaking up these sweet weekends spent together with my wonderful hubby and daughter. 

How did you experience nature this week?  Did it make you happier? 


  1. I tend my little garden each morning and afternoon, which basically means watering because it hasn't rained in Austin for better than 1/2 of a year. I love to hear the birds singing, we have so many. I made a bird bath for them and we have a feeder. My flowers I planted from seed are doing fine, and this week we ate the first tomato's and the plants are covered with them. I love your blog, my lovely daughter, your insight and vision but what I love the most is the path you give me that other wise I would not have to seeing my grand daughter grow. These miles try to break my spirit, make my heart ache and so I thank you very much for these precious pieces that I cherish that lift my spirit and grow my love over these many miles.

  2. I'd love to see pics of your garden! Send me one by phone! And I agree that this blog helps cut through the long miles between us!