Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Need Overthinkers Anonymous

Gretchen Rubin asked on her blog today, "Do you fall into the trap of overthinking?"

And I didn't have to overthink that--the answer was a quick, "Yes!"

Right now, I'm waiting to hear back about whether I got two jobs I recently interviewed for.  And I'm feeling pressured to tell several great jobs I've already been offered whether I'm going to take those jobs or not.  And I'm trying to find a good preschool for Flannery that would fit the schedule of, oh, say, any of the jobs I might possibly have.   And I'm trying to find a good place for us to live that will be convenient to my work, Robi's work, and Flannery's school.  All of these factors are swimming around in my head constantly, as I try to come up with a good solution that works for all of us.  It's like a giant sky of stars that I know can somehow make a coherent constellation together, if I can just connect the dots in the right way. 

And I'm mulling all these things over long before I really know all of my options, mind you.

So, yes, that's definitely over-thinking.

So, I've decided.  I'm going to focus my energy on other things for a week.  I'm going to get my files in tip-top order and organize my speech room for the next SLP.  I'm going to clean out stuff at home that we don't need and donate it so we'll only have to pack our treasured items when moving day comes.  I'm going to finish that darn photo book I started two weeks ago on Snapfish. And if my mind turns to things that I can't yet decide, I'm going to turn up my music and just will the rumination away. 

Wish me luck!

Are you an overthinker, or more impulsive in your decisions?

By the way, my "respond with a blessing" challenge is still going on!  How have you been doing with that?  As for me, I honked at a car that almost hit me yesterday, and then immediately thought, "Oh, no, I didn't respond with a blessing!"   Baby steps, I guess!  :)


  1. I tipped a rude cashier. I sent photos of our yard in bloom to help our landlord sell her house, even though she has been pretty awful and shady as a landlord. That is about it. Still doing it though.

  2. Yay, Jessica! Very cool!