Sunday, May 8, 2011

Speechy Sunday - Mothers' Day Language Activity

I've been working on getting many of my speech students to use "descriptors" (adjectives) in speaking and writing, and for Mothers' Day, what better person to describe than their moms?  For students who don't live with their moms, they can describe their grandmothers, step-moms, foster-moms, or aunts (just modify the center to say the title of who they're describing).

For this flower card activity, I pre-cut the flower petals, stems, and leaves to save time.  I let the students choose 6 petals to put around the flower center.  They glued the stems first, then leaves, then the petals, then the center.  Next, they wrote, "My mom is..." (or "my grandmother is", etc., as applies) in the center of the flower.  On each petal, I had them come up with words to describe their moms or grandmothers.  We used brainstorming to come up with descriptors when kids got stuck and couldn't think of any.  For some kids who needed extra support, we flipped through the book "Quick as a Cricket," to see if any of the descriptors in that book would work for their moms.  After the card was finished, I had the students read or say the full sentence for each of their descriptors, such as, "My mom is...lovely.  My mom is...brave.  My mom is...determined." 

It was neat to see what words each student thought of first to describe their moms.  The most common descriptors were "nice" and "pretty."  I loved that some kids' moms were "silly," and "fun," as well.  I hope everyone enjoyed their cards. 

Happy Mothers' Day to all of you out there who mother!

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