Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Importance of Catch Phrases

There are certain phrases that, when I say them, instantly give me a happiness boost.  These little catch-phrases or mantras are so helpful for me when I need to redirect my thoughts from worry or negativity.  I find that when I really examine my thoughts, I'm often pretty hard on myself.  If I'm not mindful of my thoughts, I won't even notice myself thinking negative things like, "I'll never get this all done." or "I'm so drained."

But once I'm mindful of the little phrases that are running through my thoughts, I can pretty easily replace the judgmental or worried thoughts I might have with my little mantras.  (Social skills guru Michelle Garcia Winner calls this "using my inner coach.")

Here are some of the cheerleader-ish phrases my inner coach tells me:
You can do this.
No biggie.
Do your best and be done with it.
Respond with a blessing.
Do it now.
Be silly; have fun.
It'll be fine.
You will succeed in everything. 

I think that mantras are really helpful, but first we have to will ourselves to be mindful of our thoughts to really figure out what phrases are flying through our heads making us stressed or anxious or sad.  Are we letting un-guarded thoughts mess with our mood?  If so, let's guard our thoughts!  Let's only allow those thoughts that build us up inside our minds. 

And now, because I'm tired of hearing myself think, "I'm so tired," every day at work, I'm going to get myself to bed.  And tomorrow, I'll say, "I got enough sleep," which will make all the difference.

What phrases boost your confidence or happiness just by thinking them?

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  1. You must have gotten that negative internal dialogue from me....it must be hereditary....ha ha! Fight the good fight beautiful!!!