Monday, May 23, 2011

Funny Flanna Quotes

1.  On Mothers' Day:  "Mom, when's it gonna be kids' day?"

2.  At the doctor's office; the doctor asks her what she's going to be when she grows up, and she says,  "A princess."

3.  Upon hearing a song we used to sing her as a baby, but that she probably hadn't heard in several years:  "Wow!  I haven't heard this song in like, 18 days!!"

4.  Waking up on the morning of her half birthday:  "Today's the day!  That's right, four and a hay-ulf!"

5.  To Robi:  "Tell me a secret.  I promise not to tell anyone!"  After Robi tells her a secret, she says, "OK, tell me again, so I can tell mommy!"
Robi:  But it's a secret!
Flanna:  That's ok, mommy won't tell anyone!
Robi:  OK, you can tell her.
Flanna:  OK, whisper it in my ear.
Robi:  But I just told you.
Flanna:  Oh, well, I forgot.
Robi:  You really are the best secret keeper around!

6.  After painting a princess picture to hang in her room:  "We have GOT to show this to Dana!" (our friend who's an artist)

What made you laugh today?


  1. #4 Picking up some Southern words?
    That reminds me when my niece asked when we were going to go to the 'Good Wheel' to drop off donations and shop.

  2. How cute, Laura! And yes, I think when kiss is pronounced "keeyus", the southern drawl is creeping in a bit! Too funny!