Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's the Little Things

My mom showed me last year how to cut an apple in horizontal slices when I'm making a peanut-butter-on-apples snack.   Who knew there was a little star inside every apple, just waiting to be discovered?   And every time I see that star, I picture my mom cutting her apple just the same way, all the way across the country in Texas. 

And it makes me feel a little bit more connected to her.  Which makes me happy. 

It's the little things. 

What little thing made you happy today?


  1. What little thing made me happy? I guess it was a little thank you card with a picture of an iPad on it. Thanks for helping the child with that today!

  2. That little guy makes me happy every day, too! Glad to help!

  3. Little thing that made me happy...I met a neighbor who adopted a new doggy - clearly so Sandy could have a new friend. But more importantly, I really can't read your blog anymore, like literally can't. The text on the brown background is really hard for me to make out, and the first 3-4 letters are on the ribbon trim. Am I going blind? Is it just me? Help!

  4. Yay, I see puppy play dates in your future! And how crazy about the strange blog display! I'll work on it!

  5. We have 2 silkie hens who are both sharing the same 3 eggs. Aidan made a calendar to mark off when the eggs might hatch. Yesterday, one hatched! The baby is tiny and has 2 mamas. It made us all very, very happy. We are still waiting to see if the other two hatch.

  6. How sweet, Priscilla! I hope the other eggs hatch healthy chickies, too!

  7. This posting made my day. I love you TJ.
    I eat peanut butter apples just this way quite often. I also eat celery stalks with peanut butter which I make up and put in plastic containers in the frig so I can have a healthy snack anytime.
    We ate our first batch of yellow squash that we grew tonight. It was wonderful.
    We had a late afternoon thunderstorm, gusty wind, loud thunder, heavy down pour. It had been so long since it rained that I stayed on the back porch and watched the water pour down on the sunflowers, feeling the mist when the wind would blow hard. I actually took pictures...and then afterward I took Lucy for a walk as the sun was setting, peachy, pink clouds, end of day blue sky, hot and humid and amazing.