Monday, May 30, 2011

Things I'll Miss

Because of our fast-approaching move, I'm trying to enjoy all the things I love about Durham this month.  Mostly the people.  There are so many wonderful people I'm going to miss when we leave here, and we're trying to squeeze in playdates and get-togethers like crazy before we go!

But also, there are places here that are dear to my heart.    The path we walk back and forth from Flanna's school.  The low brick walls she loves to climb and balance on each day on her way home.  The honeysuckle bushes on the way to the park.  And, oh, our neighbors' flower gardens.  When we pass them on our way somewhere, Flanna has to smell the flowers, notice the elephant ears, point out the monkey grass.  I'll miss those little things. 

Another thing I'll miss is Trinity Park.  A wonderful park just a few steps from our front's been such a blessing, a place where I met so many friends, where I've watched Flanna go from 2 1/2 to 4 1/2.    From needing help getting on the swing, to pumping her legs herself, to almost crossing the monkey bars by herself now.

And, lest I forget, a park where the Durham Symphony plays a free concert every spring.  Right in the middle of the street.

Yeah, I think I'll miss that.

What do you love about your community right now? 



  1. We cannot walk like you do, but a very short drive from home are two wonderful local places to eat, a small Mexican restaurant, not fancy but very good and a BBQ place where on Thursday night you can go and listen to people jam together. Mostly country music, all local folks and there are so many who join in. Its great.
    We live on a cul de sac and the house next door has horses in the yard. Its a good neighborhood for walking, and I do nearly every morning and evening. I love the birds. I had put in a bird feeder and that brought quite a few birds, but the thing that has really drawn them in is the bird bath. We don't get rain very often and they have a hard time finding water. I also have a tray with water on the ground for the squirrels and one little bird that cannot fly. I put seed on the ground too.

  2. Sometimes I think it is much better to rent a house than buy one. You all had a great experience in Athens as well due to an awesome location. We cannot afford to own a house allowing us such access. I am glad that you all had a great living experience in Athens and Durham. Miss you all! Cannot wait to have you back home. Don't forget the kids' date at the zoo :)

  3. Yeah, renting does allow us to live in some places we could never afford to buy in. But I cannot WAIT to have walls that I can paint however I want, and a yard that I can fence in, and fixtures that I choose, and stuff like that! One day!!

    I'm so excited to live close so Nixon and Hannery can have fun together again! Zoo, here we come!