Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Little Artist

sketching the princess
For Flanna's 2nd birthday, my friend Dana got us some pretty big canvases and nice paintbrushes for her, and it was such fun to let Flanna paint with such nice materials.  We've continued to use the brushes regularly, but I admit I hadn't given her any big canvases on which to paint since then! 

So, when I saw two canvases on super 75% off sale recently, I just had to buy them.  We painted the blue sky background about a month ago (oy, how time flies!), and just this weekend got around to getting the real art on them.  Flanna drew the sketches out (I helped with the butterflies; she did the princess all on her own) and then told me what colors she needed in her palette.  I can't wait to hang the finished products in her room once they dry!

Nothing like cantaloupe for inspiration.

She said she knows butterflies are symmetrical, but these aren't real.

How have you displayed kid art in your home?

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