Friday, May 20, 2011

The School Garden: Progress!

A Sweet William in bloom
Our little garden at school is really coming along!  Little by little, my writing groups, social skills groups, fifth graders, and classroom of kiddos with autism are making a difference in this little plot of land by our basketball courts!  (See the "before" photos here.)   It's so neat to see the changes from day to day in the garden.  It's like a little bit of magic when a new plant takes root or flower blooms.  

And the neatest thing?  The big, burly, ultra cool fifth grade boys who beg me to let them work in the garden during their lunch breaks.  Apparently pulling weeds is all the rage these days.

Butterflies on Daisies

A pond flower...just gorgeous! (I took this with my phone, but will have to get a better shot with my real camera for you soon!)

planting some herbs (rosemary & basil)

This is my new favorite picture in all the world!

pulling weeds

What little project is bringing you joy right now?


  1. Your garden is coming along so beautifully. Isn't it amazing how the color of flowers just lift our spirits so. I have this wall of Morning Glory vine. I planted several packets of different color flowers and the result captivates me every morning. I have to go out and see what color and how many flowers I have, and the biggest plus is all the shade we now have on the sunniest side of the house. The only thing I wonder is why haven't I done this every year I have been alive!
    Back to your students and the fact that they are so motivated and interested. I give you all the credit for that....your love is strong and it cannot help but flow. I know that a teacher can make or break you when you are a child, and the ones that stay with you are the ones like you, who teach from the heart. I love you so.