Monday, May 2, 2011

Attack of the Squirrels

Apparently the squirrels have long arms around here.

I arrived home this afternoon to quite a terrible scene.  It seems that the squirrels (or chipmunks?)  weaseled their way through our tomato teepees and dug up my baby seedlings without remorse while I was away at work today.   My sweet seedlings that we nursed from seeds into little sproutlets, that we watered and fertilized and transplanted and tried to protect, are now frazzled and clinging to life after a day spent disheveled under the baking sun.

I've moved my basil and tomato plants to our front porch, where I hope they'll be a bit safer.  And I'm building a scarecrow tomorrow.  (Could that help?)  Or perhaps buying a cat and an electric fence. 

In other news, a terrorist is no longer at large.  And a friend of mine had a bone marrow transplant today.  And my father-in-law had a job interview today that went rather well, after a year of job-searching. 

So perhaps the attack of the squirrels can be tolerated, even appreciated, if that's the biggest problem in my life right now. 

How about a vote?  How did you feel when you heard Bin Laden was dead? 
a)  celebratory

b) relieved
c) scared of retaliation
d) proud
e) none of the above

I'll admit my reaction was a mix of b & c.   Would love to hear what you thought.


  1. B and D, with a little C for good measure. I didn't want to celebrate someone dying, but I'm proud to be an American. It would have been great to take him alive, but I can't regret that no more people will have to die protecting him, you know?

    C will happen at some point. It might have happened whether he lived or died. I don't know that I'm scared of it so much as "aware it's a risk."

    Sucks about the plants though! I need a TJ Job-search 2011 update soon!

  2. Thanks for commenting! And I'll have to give you a call! I have some great offers and am just waiting to hear from 2 last interviews I had before I make a final decision. Atlanta is so full of opportunities--it's wonderful.

    And today, the squirrels even got to the plants on my front porch. Ugh!

  3. I don't know if any of your choices fit me. I mostly felt that it doesn't really solve anything.... that there really is no such thing as cutting off the head of the dragon or monster and solving the problem.
    And then I was saddened by the reaction of people, the bickering about which president should get credit, and other related political stupidity.....

  4. Thanks, Jessica, for commenting even when the choices didn't fit exactly your thoughts. I love to hear the different responses to the news, because I think it's such a core instinct for most of us to be patriotic, but it's also an instinct to abhor death, and the pull between the two is so instinctual that I think it makes us all feel that everyone should think just like we do about it all, even though sometimes we don't even really know exactly what we're feeling. Hah, you can tell it's getting late when one sentence is suddenly paragraph length. :)

  5. Something ate my green beans as they poked through the dirt. I kind of thought it was birds as we have so many. At any rate, the green beans are not doing so great, only have a few that survived.
    Bin Laden's death did leave me torn as you say, but I have to say I listened to the victims families and tried to focus on our loss as a country. I am glad he was found and is no longer a threat. I am proud of the well trained men who carried it out. The thing I find so disturbing is where it took place. I also was upset by the different news shows and the bickering, it was ridiculous.