Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let's Get Fancy

Tonight before bed, I told Flanna she could choose anything for us to play for 15 minutes.  Of course, she chose something princess-related.  Princess dress up, in fact.  I was to be the queen, and she was the princess, complete with a "real" crown (thanks to my friend Dana, who recently gave Flanna her old high school homecoming queen crown!).  We played for a while, and then we "pretended" to brush our teeth as royalty, to read bedtime books as royalty, and even to clean up a bit as royalty!  We also pretended that we really hoped the king won his soccer game that night (since Robi was out playing soccer with some friends).   It was so interesting to me that just pretending we were royalty, and talking in fancy English accents, and calling one another "dahhh-ling," made the evening routine go so smoothly, and seem so special. 

I mean, Flanna changing into PJs without protest?  And brushing teeth the first time I asked? 

I think we'll have to be royalty more often.

Every fancy princess wears a tinkerbell dress. 

Can you do a convincing British accent?  Mine's pretty good, if I do say so myself.  :)


  1. this is so darn cute!!!!!!

  2. I can't do accents, but I remember when my girls drank tons of milk because I let them drink it out of fancy wine glasses. They felt so fancy!

  3. Aw, Ruth, I'll have to let Flanna do that sometime! How sweet!

  4. That is one precious pic of my little Flanna....I miss her so. What a great idea, isn't it amazing what a few tender moments of bonding can do!