Saturday, October 1, 2011

Take a Walk

Today Robi, Flannery, and I took a walk to the park to see my friend Rachel's son play a little soccer.  If you've never seen three year olds play soccer before, I have to tell you, it's pretty adorable.  Kind of chaotic and confusing, but really cute.  
Did I mention she's smitten?

Rachel's new baby Roane (okay, she's really like 7 months old now, but, still, that's pretty new, right?) was there, too, and Flannery was just smitten.  She got to "hold" Roane a few times, and was so attentive and gentle with her.  It was sweet to see a glimpse of how Flanna would be with a little one around.  She wants more than anything to have a little brother or sister.

Agh, the things that pull at my heart.  

Annnyway.  The thing is, that walk, that un-rushed time strolling to and from the park--brought me exponential amounts of happiness.  Maybe it's that it combined so many things that bring me happiness:  my family, experiencing nature, chatting with those I love, visiting with dear friends.  But really, it sort of surprised me that such a simple thing brought me such a happiness boost.  
So, if you wanna get happy, just take a walk.  

Even better, take a walk with folks you love.  

Even better, take a walk with folks you love to go visit other folks you love.  Seriously, if you do that, you just might enter the death spiral of gladness.  

Flanna crossing the "troll bridge" with Daddy-O

those eyes!

The dads

a little soccer action

my little monkey

F wanted to wear her hood backward.  Y'know, all the cool kids are doing it.  

Roane & Rachel

sweet sweet sweet 

What's your favorite place to walk to from your home?  Who do you enjoy walking with?  Go forth and get walking!  (and let me know if it makes you happier!)

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