Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Make Something with Your Hands: Fine Motor Fun

My niece's heart
Last weekend, I was going through my craft supplies, and I came upon these little heart-shaped needlepoint templates I had bought last Christmas.  A perfect fine motor activity for our princess weekend, I thought!  I threaded some plastic jewelry-making needles with colorful thread for the girls (complete with a bead at the end of the thread so they didn't have to tie anything to get started on their hearts), and then set them free to "sew" however they wanted to.  

I was so impressed with their handiwork.  Flannery is almost five now, and her cousin is 8, and they both used such neat and careful stitches.  Flannery loves patterns, so I think the methodical part of this craft was right up her alley.  She kept saying, "and over, and through" as she worked on the border, and she was determined to get it just right, undoing stitches if they didn't look even.  My niece also undid and re-did some of her needlework so that "the pink is splashed all around."  She has a nice flair for design!

The only help they needed was with tying the string at the end.  And they seemed so pleased with themselves.  I've said it before, but I think it's really true for many of us:   making something with our hands is rewarding.

I think we'll do this craft again during the holidays--I'm picturing a tree filled with cute hand-made hearts and stars.  What fun!

Flannery's heart

Did you learn a neat skill as a child?  (sewing, woodworking?)  I learned to weave in 3rd grade, and to crochet, as well, and I remember really enjoying working so hard on a project and having a beautiful finished project at the end.  

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