Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Life in Pictures: A Gaggle of Cousins

I love that in the South, you can say that anyone slightly related to you is your "cousin."  Here are some pics of Flannery hunting eggs and being silly with all of her wonderful "cousins."  We are so lucky to have such fun groups of family to spend time with.

cousin Molly with our sweet Annie dog

Flannery showing us how heavy her basket was

See?  Everyone in my family loves matching outfits.  It's genetic.

AAAAAND, they're off!

Do you call all of your 2nd and 3rd cousins "cousins," or just your first cousins?  I love a big extended family and even like for Flanna to call my BFFs "Aunt Kelley and Aunt Rachel," just to really confuse things.  :)


  1. cousins are cousins; I can't keep track of the 'degrees of cousinhood'. After first cousins, they're all kissin' cousins! And I'm Aunt Pattie to a lot of kids related by friendship.
    love the pictures!

  2. Thanks for all the great pics of Easter. I love seeing everyone. Miss you all......so much!

  3. I love BEING Aunt Kelley, but I do think that calling all our distantly related folks "cousins" is how we southerners get the bad rep about inbreeding. I remember moving back to GA and meeting all of my "cousins" - I said to my mom once "but Barbara and JT are my "real" cousins, right?"