Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How Time Flies!

He loved the touchable cat whiskers in this book.
We visited with some good friends in Athens last weekend and got to catch up with them and see their beautiful growing baby boy!  Flannery was so sweet with him, and looked out for him the way older children often do with little ones.   It was so good to get to see what wonderful, gentle, and loving parents our friends have turned out to be. 

I can't believe how quickly he is leaving the baby stage, though!  Time rushes by these days, and I just want to slow it down sometimes!

Flannery looking out for the little one

At what time in your life has time passed most quickly for you?  For me, time was so slow when I was a child, and these past 4 years that I've been a mom have sped by!

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