Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Midnight Service

We were brave enough (or crazy enough?) to attend the midnight Pascha (Easter) service at our old church in Athens last weekend, and we were so glad we did.  It was such a great experience, and Flannery, although soooo sleepy,  really seemed to understand what was going on this year.  We sang this song many many times, one of my favorites of all our Orthodox traditions:

Christ is risen from the dead.
By death, He has trampled death.
And to those in the tombs,
He has granted life.

I love the line, "He has trampled death."  That is the crux of religion for me.  One day, we will not be separated as we are now, from those who have died before us.  For death has been trampled and conquered by One who experienced it and broke its hold on us. 

Flanna and her doll, with matching Easter dresses, of course.

By the way, Matt Maher, a contemporary Christian artist, heard Ukrainian Orthodox chanting this song and decided to write a song of his own using the lyrics, to bring the words to the west.  Matt Maher's song is called "Christ is Risen," and here's a little video of him talking about it. 
What song is most meaningful to you at Easter?

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