Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Egg Hunt Extravaganza

Sorry I was away from the blogging world for so long!  I missed it!  I kept thinking of wonderful things to post but just didn't have the time last week.  I was busy getting ready to go out of town for Easter and for some interviews, and then also haven't been feeling so hot.   I'm not sure if it's stress or a virus, but I'm hoping it will be short lived and I'll feel better soon.

Annnyway.  Here are some pics from an egg hunt extravaganza Flanna and her cousin went to at my in-laws' church.  It was great fun, with inflatables and food and the much-anticipated egg hunt.  We had a wonderful time!

such a sweet big cousin protecting little Flanna!

posing with the sun in their eyes

Flanna with a "gazillion" eggs

Boy, do traditions make me happy.  What's your favorite Easter tradition?

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  1. Jaci looks like Sandy in Grease in this last shot. Prediction: She will play her in their high school production!