Monday, April 18, 2011

The Princess Collection

It's our family portrait, and I am the only lucky one with a crown AND arms.
Every child has something they just love.  For Flannery, her "favorite" themes have varied over her life so far...from dogs & cats, to Elmo, to Angelina Ballerina, to Ariel, and now to just princesses in general.  She just loves princesses.  And princes.  And castles. And long fancy dresses with "puff sleeves."  And crowns.  And hair up in buns.  And fancy high heels.  And fairy godmothers.  These are everyday topics of conversation in our house, and, come to find out, at school, as well. 

Lately we've been noticing a theme to the artwork she makes during "free choice" at school.  Her puffed sleeves are getting rather detailed.  Her eyelashes are getting pretty realistic.  Her ballgowns are getting more and more embellished with rainbows and flowers.  I really think we should frame these and have "royal" art show soon.  What do you think?

Careful, or I'll hug you with my hip hands. 

Rapunzel.  Her dress is da bomb.


The fingernails are painted, no less.

Beauty and the Beast

Princess Tiana from the Princess & the Frog

The princess who started it all.

Flanna drew me and Robi on our wedding day.  (poor Robi even had gray hair back then, apparently!) 

What was your passion as a child?


  1. Those are just fabulous. So precious. What a wonderful child she is. I miss her. Love you all.

  2. Thanks, mom! We miss you, too!!

  3. So I had to come back and look through these again. I love them. You should make her a book to keep them in.