Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Life in Pictures: Aquarium Visit

There's this really neat photo of my sister from when she was little, wearing braided pigtails gazing intently at a window in an aquarium.  Every time I go to an aquarium, I think of it.   Those fun experiences--museum visits, zoo trips, aquarium trips--are so special when you're a child, almost magical.  And it's kind of wondrous to experience it again as an adult with kids of your own, too. 

Grandma with the girlies

Yikes, a shark!

What "field trip" experiences do you remember best from your childhood?  I remember zoo trips the most--such fun!

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  1. The picture you remember was actually at Sea World and it was of both of you girls. It was always one of my favorite pictures too. The Atlanta aquarium was amazing. Thanks for sharing the day with me. I love my girls.