Friday, April 15, 2011

Walking Home from Preschool

Yesterday afternoon, we had the best walk home from Flanna's preschool.  The azaleas were in full bloom, so we stopped and talked about which were our favorite colors.  (I like the purplish-pink ones best.)  Then we ran into our neighbors who had happened upon an amazingly tame baby squirrel!  It was so sweet and kept wanting to sit on our shoes.  Finally, it seemed to go back to its mama (thank goodness!)  I had never seen a squirrel that close before, and it was so cute to hear our sweet little neighbor saying, "Baby skurl!"

The tilted head pose is getting a little out of hand.  :)

Please excuse the blurry iPhone pics.  It was too exciting to focus!

I'm so glad we walked home from preschool that day.  Had we been driving home from preschool, we would have never made the wonderful connection with our neighbors over the tiny squirrel.   So many times when I'm walking somewhere, I'll stop and say hello and chat a bit, and actually make a connection with the people I'm passing.  But when driving, I'm much less likely to do so.  I usually just wave and keep on driving.  When I consider the friends I've made during our time here, I realize that most of them are folks I saw regularly during walks to and from the park or school.   Walking places is such a superior experience in every way to driving for me, and I'm so hoping we won't give up our "walkable" lifestyle when we move to the big city this summer.    

What do you love best about your lifestyle right now?

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