Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Fools Jokes for Kids

Frozen Bowls of Cereal (Note the blue milk in the cup, too!)
My daughter loves a good joke.  She's currently obsessed with the "interrupting cow" joke, which I really do find funny.  Here's how it goes:

Flanna:  Knock Knock.
Me:  Who's there?
Flanna:  Interrupting cow.
Me:  Interrupting cow--
Flanna:  MOO!

She can never get the timing just right on the first try, but it's still hilarious. 

Anyway, because one of my happiness commandments is to be silly and have fun, I've tried to play a (nice, not mean!) April Fools' Day prank on Flannery each year.  Last year, I gave her pretend food for breakfast, and then my husband gave her one of my dresses to put on for school.  This year, since we were on vacation with my mom, sister, and niece, we were able to pull several jokes together for April Fools'. 

Blue Milk (It looks scary gray in the cup!)
First, I froze two bowls of cereal and milk with the spoons in them the night before, and then when the girls woke up on April Fools' Day, I gave them the frozen bowls for breakfast.  They were so funny.  They poked at the bowls and looked, surprised, at one another for a second.  Then, my niece said, "These are frozen!" 

Early that morning, the girls and I planned a few other jokes to play on their grandmother.  We put blue food coloring in the milk.  So, when they asked their grandma for milk that morning, she pulled a gallon of surprise from the fridge.  They also drew little faces on the eggs so that when Grandma went to make scrambled eggs for breakfast, she would open an egg carton of fun!  The girls were so thrilled to be "in" on a joke, and it really made for a nice start to our day.

I hope that when they're grown up, my daughter and niece will look back on April Fools' Day with fond memories.  And I also hope I can keep coming up with fun ideas (and never mean spirited ones!) each year to keep them guessing!

What April Fools' Day pranks have you pulled, or been the "victim" of?


  1. loved it! this post made me laugh and smile!

  2. Thanks, Jessica! Hope you're doing well!