Sunday, January 2, 2011

Taking Stock: My Happiness Commandments


Our NYE pretty!
Live your priorities
Be in the moment/Pay attention
Do what needs to be done
Have fun
5 Work hard to make a connection
Do your best and be done with it
Be authentic
8 Really listen
Partner up
10 Be prompt and polite

These have worked pretty well for me this past year, but I've been thinking a lot about them, and I think I'm going to change a few for 2011.  So, here goes.

My 2011 Happiness Commandments:

1.  Live your priorities
2.  Be in the moment
3.  Do what needs to be done
4.  Be silly; have fun.
5.  Experience nature.  - this one's new, but not a new idea here on this blog.
6.  Do your best and be done with it.
7.  Breathe. - I forget this a lot, and feel better emotionally and physically when I remember to mindfully breathe.
8.  Be slow to speak.  - I think this is better than "really listen," because even when I think I'm "really listening," I'm often still preparing what I'm about to say.  This is more precisely what I need to work on.
9.  Maintain organization. -  I'm great at creating organizational systems for myself, but terrible at maintaining them.  Hopefully that will change this year?
10.  Learn new things.  - Those who read this blog regularly know how much learning new things brings me happiness.  So now I'm officially making it a commandment.

OK, so now I want to hear your 2011 Happiness Commandments!!  Please share them!

Happy New Year to all of you who faithfully read my ramblings!  If you don't want to share happiness commandments, please share ideas of what you'd like for me to write about in the coming year!  I'd love to hear what you're interested in!

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  1. I like your list of happiness commandments. I'm currently working on my own list.

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