Thursday, January 6, 2011

Funny Flanna Quotes

I was telling Flanna and her cousin their "3 Things" for the day (3 great things they did that showed good character that day), and Flannery remembered that she had left her drink in the other room, so she said, "Mama, can you put a bookmark in your mouth for a minute?"

I was telling Flannery the story of the 3 Little Pigs, when she had to go to the restroom, so she said, "Mama, can you pause your brain?"

I was so excited that Flannery had just read a few words in our book like "mom," "pop," and "hot," and I said:  "Wow, Flannery, you can read, sweetie!  How cool!" to which she replied, "Well, I can only read little words, but 'cept for 'Flannery'--that's a long one."   (Poor thing--it is long!)

Talking about how her dad is at a conference in New Orleans:
"Why do they call it New Orleans?  What's a old Orleans?"

Flannery looked sad a few days ago in the morning.  I asked her what was wrong.  She said,
"Hmmph.  I'm never gonna be a big sister." (crossing her arms across her chest)
Me:  What makes you say that?
Flanna:  "I prayed to God yesternight for a little sister, and it didn't happen." 
(Sigh.  Doesn't that just break your heart?  We're just not ready to try for siblings yet, but that sweet kid is planting the seeds in our hearts. And "yesternight" is one we hear a lot!)

In the bathtub:
"Mom, why do humans always have to breathe?  Why can't we be made to just, not breathe, instead?"

What made you laugh this week?

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