Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Favorite Birthday Books

It's my birthday today!

In celebration of the nerdy mama SLP that I am, I'm going to post a list of my favorite birthday-themed children's books today.  Because that makes me super happy.

Aaaaand the winners are: 

The Birthday Zoo - by Deborah Lee Rose - this book has unique animal and verb vocabulary, which appeals to the speechy side of me.  The pictures are cute, and the text isn't too long, so the book is readable in the 20 minutes you have for reading with your kiddo before bed.  Plus, it rhymes!  I bought it before I had Flannery, to read with my preschool speech students on their birthdays, and I bring it out every year to read during Flanna's birthday now.  Such fun!

On the Night You Were Born - by Nancy Tillman - Warning!  This book will make you cry!  When I found it in the bookstore, I got all weepy and just had to buy it.  And I wasn't pregnant or anything. And they only had it in hardback.  And it was expensive.  And I am pretty cheap.  The illustrations are works of art, and the words--sigh.  I love to give this to new parents.  My hubby says if you read it too much, you'll make your child conceited.  Maybe so, but I still read it with Flannery all the time, especially on her birthday.   I mean, come on, the polar bears did dance 'til dawn the night she was born, and none of the ladybugs flew away!  It's just true.

Happy Birthday, Moon - by Frank Asch -   My mentor, Anne van Kleeck, introduced me to this author forever ago when I was in graduate school.  I love the sweet stories and concepts introduced in each book about Moonbear and his friend Little Bird.  Plus, this book takes me right back to my time doing research on book-sharing in grad school, which I really enjoyed.  I know, I'm a nerd.  But, hey, it's my birthday--I can be as geeky as I want today and no one can say anything, right?

Birthday Monsters - By Sandra Boynton -  who doesn't love a good Boynton book?  It rhymes, it's silly, and there are monsters.  Enough said.

(By the way, I don't get any money if you click on these amazon links...they're just there so you can see the cute books I'm talking about.  My mom would love it if I were technosavvy enough to put ads up on this blog, but I have to admit I'm not there yet.)

What are your favorite kids' books?

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