Friday, December 31, 2010

If You Give a Kid a Camera

If you give a kid a camera, she's going to want to take pictures.  You'll have to pose, but you should know that your neck and shirt are the focal points.

She'll ask to go outside, to snap photos of "nature."  Once outside, she'll take a few photos, but will soon see a tree that looks like a horse, and will ask for a ride.  After the ride, she'll want to have a snack.  

So you'll go inside, where the kid will spot stockings still hanging from Christmas--a great study in light and color.  

After a snack, she's going to want to play with her dollhouse.  Then her cousins will come over, and dress up will ensue, along with silly outfits and crazy wigs.  

The kid will suddenly remember her camera, so you'll have to find it under stacks of Barbie clothes.  Then you'll give the kid her camera.  And, of course, she's going to want to take a picture.

How can you look at things through a child's eyes today?

By the way, check out these kid photos from last summer--I think the photos are getting better with time!

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