Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do it Yourself Christmas Cards, aka, we all make mistakes

This year, I was a little bit overzealous and decided that we could make our own Christmas cards.

Let me first of all apologize to those of you who won't be getting Christmas cards in the mail this year.  A Christmas e-mail will be forthcoming very soon.

It turns out that I vastly underestimated the amount of time required to make your own Christmas cards.   I just assumed this project could be done in a weekend.  I assumed wrong, my friends.

Some of you (especially if your last name begins with A through F) might be lucky enough to get a real handmade card from us this year.  If your name begins with G through Z, cough, stammer, mutter, mutter, um, then, please refer to the aforementioned forthcoming Christmas e-mail.

Anyway, if you're interested, here are some of the Christmas cards we made.  We painted, glued, glittered, glitter-glued, and generally decorated for 2 days straight.    It was great fun.

But next year, I'm going to start 3 weekends ahead of time.  Or maybe I'll just make a snapfish photo card next year.  Somehow that sounds appealing again.

What DIY project have you bombed?  Hey, at least you tried, right?