Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Little Artist

On Friday, my daughter brought home a gazillion scraps of paper that she cut, stapled (yes, they let the children use staplers! by themselves! at her school--eegads!), painted, hole-punched, and sewed (and needles, too!--can you tell it's a montessori yet!?) in her "Friday Folder."  As I poured the contents of her folder onto the top of the dryer, as is my custom, these 4 amazing crumpled masterpieces emerged alongside the glitter and paper bits.

Seriously, masterpieces.  I have no words.  (OK, except for the captions I've so wittily typed up.)

Flannery said:  It's the sun, the earff, and those orange things are stars.  And then Oscar wrote that purple line on it, and the teacher said, "Class, we only write on our OWN papers."

Flannery drew Ariel (the little mermaid), although she says her teacher helped with the tail.    I love the hair. 

This one was for me, as you can tell, since Flanna wrote my name just as I remember writing it as a kid-- "t t"  :)
Can you tell the kids are on a see-saw? 

Flannery said, "That's a wanebow, and those kids are sliding up and down it."  Of course.
I'm in awe of the new open mouths she's drawing now.
These stick figures are chatty, not just smug line smilers anymore.  

What piece of art brought you joy this week?


  1. These are precious. I love that she writes your name, too. But, I think my favorite part is her n's. To cute!!!

  2. I know, those /n/s are funny, huh?