Monday, December 27, 2010

Funny Flanna Quotes - holiday edition

Getting ready to brush her teeth, "Bears don't mean to eat you--it was a accident."

Flanna to my 34 year old sister:  "When did you get married?"
My sis:  "I didn't."
Flanna:  "Oh, so you're a teenager?"

Whispering to me on the way to the restroom:  "Shhhh.... I'm a secret puppy."

Waking up on Christmas morning:  "Mom, did Santa come?"
Me:  "Yeah, I think so, let's go look!"
Flanna:  (indignant)  "But I didn't hear him?---I didn't see Rudolph?"

To her cousin while they were playing with the Cabbage Patch Kids I gave her that used to be mine when I was a kid:  "Do you know these are old fashioned toys?"

Listening intently to the priest's sermon:  "What's the government?"

As we were preparing for our evening Christmas prayers:   "Mom, I want to say a special Christmas prayer that God will give me twins--a brother and a sister--in November when I turn 5."    (We did include that special petition in our family prayer time...too cute!)

After our fifty-seventh (Okay, fourth or fifth) holiday family get-together:  "I have SO many cousins!"

Holding up her Baby Alive that she got for Xmas:  "Poppa, was I as cute as this baby when I was born?"

This last quote was my cousin's son Neil (I guess that makes him my 2nd cousin?? or 3rd??):
As Flanna showed him the aforementioned old fashioned Cabbage Patch Kids, I said, "These dolls are probably...hmmmm...20 years old, or maybe even..."
Neil:  "Maybe even a hundred!"

What made you laugh today?

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  1. LOVE the bears quote!! HYSTERICAL!!

    And I'm still laughing about the "You're still a teenager" quote. I'll take it! :)