Monday, December 6, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Fairy Princess

Usually, fairy princesses wake up fairly early.  6:30 or 7 a.m. is prime wake-up time for young fairies.  They typically flit around the house in a small huff until they are fed a few tiny morsels (fairy princesses never eat more than 4 bites per meal...unless the meal contains syrup or pizza, in which case fairy princesses can occasionally beckon forth an amazing appetite) and given some novel or sparkly item to engage their attention.  Because fairy princesses are social creatures, do not be surprised if your home is suddenly full of dancing, twirling fairy princesses around midday--this is the natural order of things.

Once the twirling and dancing have tired them out, fairy princesses typically need a bit of a snack.  If you present them with a nutritious meal first, they will begrudgingly take a bite of each item on their plate.  But if you offer snow ice cream for dessert, they will ask for seconds of heaping sparkling icy goodness.

Snow Ice Cream =
Snow + 1/2 cup sugar + 1/2 cup vanilla creamer

By no means are you to provide fairy princesses with seconds of snow ice cream.  This will only lead to a drop in their communal spirit, after which point, you will need to distract said fairy princesses with a trip to a beautiful spot in nature.  This trip in nature will rejuvenate fairy princesses and restore a natural balance within their spirits, which will be evidenced by more twirling and even more dancing.  Then, the fairy princesses will attempt to fly. 

Flying will tucker them out, and eventually, the fairy princesses will follow you back home, where they will listen quietly to a book about fairies or princesses.  After a nice book, fairy princesses will often spot a glittery costume that would look just perfect with a veil, and might transform themselves into fairy princess brides and fairy princess flower girls.  Should this happen, back away slowly and quietly, and go work on your Christmas cards for an hour or so while your fairy princesses are occupied.

How do you find time to do your Christmas cards?  Seriously, I've written maybe 10 so far, and I feel so behind!


  1. A-DOR-A-BLE! LOOOOOOOVE this post!

  2. I agree, they're almost TOO adorable in those costumes!

  3. Christmas cards are photo cards- no writing needed ;-) I just don't have time.....sometimes I type up a bit about my family's happenings in the past year and include it in the envelope..just depends. ;-)

  4. What Christmas cards? Is it almost Christmas?