Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sweets making sweets

Oh my, I feel so blessed to be spending such long and carefree days with our extended family and friends this holiday.

Yesterday, we did several art projects during the day and enjoyed a game night in the evening.  Today, we baked "cookie-cutter cookies," played in the woods for hours, and found some old toys (Barbies & Cabbage Patch Kids!) of mine and my sister's to share with the kiddos.   It's really been a pleasure to just relax together with people we love, and this time has been just what we all needed to feel connected once again.  

Here are some photos of the sweet girls making some sweets.  

How have you reconnected with your family and friends to recharge your "team spirit" during the holiday?


  1. Whew! I just read ALL of December's blog in one go! I'd gotten a bit behind so it was great. This christmas, my gramma and I made gingerbread - a VERY gingery gingerbread - and we made sesame cookies to give the folks at her personal care home. She's still a great baker as long as I measure the ingredients (she's 93). And we did this with our new little son, Joshua, in the moby wrap on my chest - he slept through the entire thing but we enjoyed watching him!

  2. Whew is right! I can't believe you had the time to read all that with your sweet brand new boy...although with a Moby wrap, it's amazing how much more productive a new mama can be! How fun that Joshua got to "bake" cookies with his great grandma!