Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Snowy Day

Here's a riddle:

What's freezing, dangerous, about 800% less fun than snow, and keeps you trapped in your house all day?  That's right, sleet!  

I admit it, I'm a complete non-risk-taker when it comes to driving in snow or sleet.  My one year living in Boston only served to scare me rather than make me more comfortable with driving in icy weather.   You know, after hearing several news reports of people trapped in snowdrifts in their cars, and experiencing black ice on bridges a few times, and getting stuck in a variety of clients' driveways a gazillion times in one year, I pretty much decided I would set up a telepractice if I ever lived in a really snowy place again.

So when the school I work for was closed to students today because of icy weather conditions, I was rather conservative and took a snow day.  During which I watched two Christmas movies, stayed in my pajamas until 2 p.m., and drank a ton of coffee to stay warm.

In short, it was a good day.

Flannery didn't feel all that great, as she's getting over an ear infection.  She wore her "Clara" outfit for a while (from the Nutcracker) and then decided to play dress up.  I even let her wear some of my grandma's old costume jewelry.  At the end of the day, when things got a little more melty outside, we got brave and drove a block away to get cocoa and visit with some friends.  Which inspired me to take a shower and actually wear real clothes for a few hours.  (Thanks, friends, for the inspiration!)

And now it's 8:15, and I'm ready for bed.  Being cold wears a girl out.


Padme is giving me the please-save-me look.

Playing dress up with mom's jewelry box, as the dog huddles close for warmth.  

What do you love to do on a surprise day off from work?

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  1. To see my mother's necklaces on Flannery floods my heart with emotion. Thanks for keeping me "alive" with these posts.