Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Funny Flanna Quotes

As I was kissing her goodnight in her bed:
"Do you know why I smile every night when I'm going to sleep?"
Me:  No, why?
"Because you're so nice to me."

After watching Tangled, the Rapunzel movie, in which Rapunzel falls in love with a thief:
"Mom, what's a feef?"
Me:  A thief?
Me:  It's someone who steals things that don't belong to him.  
Flannery (in disbelief):  "But you can't marry a FEEF!"
Me:  Hmm, well, he stopped being a thief once he met Rapunzel, I think. 
Flannery:  "So you can marry a feef if he stops being a feef.  I'll only marry a feef if he isn't a feef any more. "
(What in the world am I teaching my child?!?)

Hiding a tiny Tinkerbell fairy perfume bottle in a secret compartment on a Christmas ornament:
"Mom, don't tell dad this is in here.  It's just a secret only for the girls."
She immediately ran to her dad:
"Dad, guess what's in here?"
Robi:  Is it a _(lists a zillion things it couldn't be)___?
Flanna:  "Nooooo......It's from a fairy and it smells really good."
Robi:  Is it fairy dust?
Flanna:   " spray it.  It's per....."
Robi:  Perfect?
Flanna:  "Noooo....perrrrfff"
Robi:  Perfume!
Flanna:  "Yes!  But it's a secret!"

And from a speech student:
"If I was a grown up, I'd still be watchin' Spongebob when nobody was lookin'."

What made you laugh today?


  1. Tear. The first one is the best thing I've heard in a while. I can't believe she thought to say that. The second, however: SPOILER ALERT! I'm going to see it Saturday, but I guess I know how it ends now, don't I? Harumph. I totally thought they were going to die. Oh well.

  2. So sorry, I should've warned you about that spoiler!!! They could still die after they get married, though, you never know?!