Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Day of Small Delights

So much for trying to work today.  Flannery woke up during the wee hours of the night/morning complaining that her ear hurt.  I took her to the doctor today, and she has an ear infection.  I was surprised, because she hadn't had a fever or been really irritable or anything like that.  Good thing she's able to tell me what's going on...I never would have known otherwise!

So, we spent our day resting, watching movies, and snacking on whatever we had on hand.  Which included soup and pomegranate.  

I always forget what a treat it is to have a pomegranate.  It's like getting a tiny present of jewels hidden in a maze.  

I read somewhere last year that the best way to get the berries (or seeds?) out of a pomegranate is to cut the whole thing in half and then wrestle with it in a big bowl of cool water.  The good berries (seeds?) will sink to the bottom, and the yucky peel parts will float.  Then, you just skim off the floating pieces, and, voila--the good stuff is cool and rinsed.

Flannery and I ate the whole pomegranate in one day.  (Hope that's not bad for your GI system!)  She kept requesting more, and I was so tired I didn't have the energy to think of something else to distract her with.  Anyway, this was the highlight of our day.  Hah!

Oh, we also went to Target to get her prescription filled--maybe that was the highlight!  Either way, small delights filled our little sick day.  

Robi returns home tonight, thank goodness!  Maybe I can actually get some work done tomorrow!

But I admit, I so enjoyed a quiet day with my girl all to myself, even if we were both kind of puny!  

What small delight did you enjoy today?

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