Monday, November 22, 2010

Share and Create Family Traditions

You're probably tired of hearing me go on and on about the joy that sharing family traditions brings me, but I just had to share this sweet experience. One of my favorite traditions is the holiday visit with Santa Claus. Our local mall has a really great Santa. He's so jolly! We were lucky enough to have my niece visiting with us this weekend, so we took the girls to see Santa a little early in the season. Both of the grandmothers, my hubby, and my sister got to go with us, too, so it was fun to share this tradition with all of them! It was a wonderful visit...not crowded at all, and we topped the day off with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, which is an old tradition my friend Kelley and I used to share back in Boston. Fun!

During her chat with Santa, Flannery asked for a giraffe with a long neck and a new Baby Alive. Then, on the way out of the mall, she threw a penny in a fountain and wished for a pony.

I love the hope and magic of four year old wishes!

What makes the Christmas season magical for you?


  1. I really like that she knows who to ask for what. Ask Santa for the toys you can get in the store. Ask MAGIC for the pony that you would have to hide in your closet. Smart girl.

  2. Love the dress! I love traditions keep going on about them..I am working on doing better on my blogging...trying.. ;-)

  3. Hah, Kelley, you're right...I'm guessing Santa couldn't carry a pony in the back of his sleigh, either. Lots of logic going on here.

    And Amber, thanks! I say just blog when you're inspired. Don't let it be added pressure...let it be fun!

  4. It was a wonderful day. The party celebration was so exciting and Flannery was full of emotion.
    The visit with Santa was truly a beautiful way to close out the day. Both girls sat on Santa's knee with a bit of twinkle in their eyes. Our visit was short but oh so sweet. What a blessing it was to share this special time with all of you.

    Thanks Nancy and Jessica for letting me experience the trip with you.

  5. I know, I so appreciate you guys taking such a long trip just to share that special day with us! It was wonderful!