Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Consider the Saints

I'm really inspired by reading about the lives of the saints.

You probably remember that one of my friends recently lost her 4 year old daughter in a car crash. I've prayed constantly for her for the last month, and one thing that has brought me a bit of hope for her healing has been praying to the saints to also intercede for her.

I've specifically prayed to Mary the Mother of Jesus and Saint Melania the Younger, both of whom lost children during their lives on earth. The agony of losing a child is something I can imagine, but I know I can't understand how it feels. But these saints have been there, and have somehow managed to bring glory to God even amidst lives of pain and suffering. When I ask them to pray for Rachel, I know that they will intercede for her knowing fully what she needs at this dark time.

Consider the saints. It's at once inspiring and humbling, and it really helps me out of any "poor me" funk or inward focus.

Who inspires you? Do you think it's crazy or inspiring to feel a connection with people who have already died?

By the way, my church has this great new link on its site of printable icon coloring pages. In the busy life I lead right now, I'm so thankful that wonderful folks make it easy for me to print materials for quick and easy spiritual teaching activities. Flannery seemed to enjoy coloring one of these pages this weekend (an icon of Jesus walking on water and pulling St. Peter up when he began to sink), and it inspired me to teach her a new(to-her) song about Saint Peter. The icon of the Annunciation of Mary is above, one of my favorites.

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