Sunday, December 19, 2010

Family Fun

Yesterday, we had a big family get-together with Robi's dad's side of the family for Christmas.   It was really neat to see the children playing together in the basement playroom, being loud and chaotic and just plain silly.  When it was over, Flannery said, "That sure was a fun Christmas party!"  It was so sweet.

Flannery pretending to be "Ms. Pam, with her baby twins"  :)

Robi tuned up a pink Barbie guitar and jammed with the little drummer cousins

Flannery looks so tiny playing these huge drums!

The boys tinkering with the pinball machine.

They got it to work!

The best part of the party was looking at old photos that Aunt Cindy had posted from the various years of Christmas get-togethers with the family.  The big hair!  The awful sweaters!  The acid wash jeans!  This gang does a great job of preserving memories and traditions for the next generation, and it's always a happy time when we're all together with them!

Here's a happiness challenge for this holiday:  pull out some old photos to bring when you get together with family and friends...if nothing else, it will incite laughter!  

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  1. Thanks for sharing these TJ! We had a really nice time. Flannery was so precious! It was fun to see her so excited.