Sunday, September 5, 2010

The time when we went to the pet store and were sorely disappointed

So, apparently turtles are not for sale in NC. At all.

There was some salmonella outbreak traced back to a turtle, and so NC has banned the sale of all turtles in the whole state. The pet store owner we talked with today did show us everything we'd need to take care of a turtle, though, and assured us that they're just as safe as owning an iguana. But since iguanas have squinty eyes and do that strange thing with their necks, that really wasn't all that reassuring for me.

Plus, the CDC says kids younger than 5 should never ever have pet turtles. The picture above is from the CDC website, and I'm calling it, "Sad boy with salmonella." (Is that terrible?)

Anyway, so there goes that dream.

Thanks to those of you who commented about the idea, though! When Flanna's over 5 and we live in another state, maybe we'll revisit the possibility of having a pet turtle. What a shame, because I could see how turtles could be a great pet! I like the idea of them having to feel safe and comfortable before they'll interact with you...seems like a good way to teach kids to be gentle. But, I guess my dog running away and growling at Flanna if she's not gentle can also teach that lesson, hah!

In the meantime, we're talking about getting an aquarium. Flannery is just as excited about an aquarium as she was about the turtle. Thank goodness she's flexible, the sweet kiddo!

And my hubby's home now! Thank heavens! We missed him so much!

What have you had to be flexible about lately?


  1. Oh well..guess we are breaking CDC rules ;-)

    We don't really get the turtle out of her tank much and when we do there is hand washing afterwards...I figure if people live with a dog and cat who drag their hiney across the floor then a turtle can't be worse than that. We got the turtle from my aunt when she got overwhelmed with animals and could no longer care for it..I hate to release her to the wild b/c she has been a tank turtle for the last five years...but she was a turtle that my aunts exboyfriend got out of the woods..not for sale.. ;-)

    Have fun with whatever you decide!

  2. Hah, I think you're fine! The pet store owner seemed to say that as long as you cleaned the cage out regularly and washed your hands after touching the turtle, you should be fine. He said the CDC and NC went overboard with their recommendations. And I agree, you don't want to let the turtle who's been so used to being pampered have to fend for herself out there in the wild! I played with many a turtle in my day and have never had salmonella. :) Hope your long weekend is going well!!

  3. Ask Robi about the time he brought a turtle home and kept it in his dresser drawer. Boy would we be in trouble.

  4. Hah, I had forgotten about that story! Too funny!