Saturday, September 18, 2010

Schedule some Happiness

Yesterday, we had a great and very happy evening. We invited two of Flannery's favorite friends from school, along with each of their parents, out for a picnic dinner. We watched a bluegrass band and some cloggers downtown while we ate dinner outside. The girls danced, jumped, pranced, laughed, and generally enjoyed one another while we parents chatted. It was so nice.

What happy event are you thinking of planning?


  1. I think that's the key- someone has to make the initive to plan something and invite others...often I find myself so busy that I don't plan anything and then when I have a few spare moments I wish I had... ;-)

  2. I know, sometimes it's overwhelming to try to plan something. I find if I invite people out somewhere, it's easier than inviting them over to my place, because it's less pressure to cook and clean and all! :)