Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Get Thee Outside

The weather has really cooled off here in Durham! It finally feels like Fall!

So we are of course enjoying as much outside time as we can this week. It's been rainy, but that won't stop us. We have galoshes, and umbrellas, and jackets, and a complete disregard for how muddy our shoes get.

Today I didn't have any clients after school, so I was able to pick up Flannery from her school a bit earlier than normal. We walked to the park on our street and had an early picnic dinner. (On Tuesdays, Robi has dinner with his Duke students, so we usually eat without him.) She collected acorns of all sizes and carried them around calling them her "eggs" that she needed to care for until they hatched.

There was a moment this afternoon when Flannery was swinging high in a little bucket swing, her lanky legs flinging toward the trees. A breeze blew some ginkgo leaves across the grass ahead of her, and overhead, puffs of white clouds drifted through a deep blue sky.

This was a nice day. A nice day indeed.

What was nice about your day today?

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