Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spend some time in Nature

We spent the day at Falls Lake today, on a little swimming beach with a forest surrounding it. Flannery was very comfortable in the water this trip! She swam all day long! She seemed so grown up, swimming just in swimmies very independently in the choppy water. It was a little bittersweet!

The highlight of the day was just as we were packing up to go. Flannery spotted a tiny turtle tumbling in the surf at the edge of the lake. We "saved" it and brought it over to our spot near the woods. It was the tiniest, most delicate turtle I've ever seen! And such personality! It was only scared for a few seconds, and then became very brave climbing all over Flannery's hands and our towel. It really reminded me of the tiny tree frog and worms we played with on Fathers' Day. I think Flannery might be a tiny creature whisperer!

Flannery really wanted to keep the little turtle, and I almost did, but I had no idea what turtles eat, or if it's ok to take a turtle from a state park, or if turtles that tiny need a specialized habitat, or anything like that. So, we found a shady spot in the woods sort of near the lake just for the little guy. Flannery even made him a little sandy nest bed. I hope he thrives out there!

And now we're seriously considering buying a turtle and a terrarium/aquarium setup for Flannery's room. She was so gentle with the turtle, and enjoyed it so much, that I think it's worth looking into.

What a wonderful day we had! A mini vacation! I just love that we have a "beach" so close to our makes it easy to spend long days together in nature. And that really does make me happy.

Did you ever have a pet turtle? Was it overall a good or bad experience? I'd love to hear!


  1. Aw, I love the wrinkled fingers in that last one! What beautiful pictures, and it sounds like such a fun day. I hope all is well! :)


  2. We have one it. It's a land turtle not water, and we can get him out from time to sure to wash hands after...the only downside is they poop more than you think they would so you have to change out the shavings every two or three weeks or it starts to stink. Ours is about the size of an adult hand and it has a water thing that puts out water as it drinks it into a little bowl and a small pool bowl that she can submerger herself into if she wants and a log (she stays under the log a good bit)- its a log you buy at a petshop that they can get up under....We also have a heat lamp to stimulate the sun. We feed her califlower, strawberries, and lettues...etc.

  3. Hah, Brandie, I know, those wrinkled fingers are so cute! And Amber, I'd love to see your'll have to post a pic on your blog!