Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Playdates Rock

Last Sunday, we had the chance to have a friend of Flannery's over for a few hours to play. Her mom (pregnant with twins!) needed a few hours to rest, understandably, so we borrowed Lucy for a bit, and had a wonderful time!

The girls and I played dolls, Barbies, pretended to cook, made play-dough cakes and sang happy birthday to Cinderella baby, pretended to take a nap, skated through the apartment, had lunch, had snacks, went to the park, and eventually watched Olivia while eating popsicles. It was a playdate extravaganza!

It was so fun to watch the girls interact. They've always had a sweet little bond and just love being together. It's neat to see kids "click" at such a young age. When Lucy first came in the door and sat down with Flannery, she said, "Flannery, I missed you! I not see you for a long time!" And Flannery replied, "I know, I missed you too!" And then they ran off to play with baby dolls.

That's friendship at its sweetest.

Who do you "click" with? Call them up, send them an e-mail, reconnect! It'll make you happy!


  1. Tell me, was this "pretending to take a nap" a foiled plot to in actuality get them to take a nap? "Oh, girls, I have a fun game for you - let's pretend to take a nap...and play melodic lullabies....and drink warm milk.....and, oh, you're already asleep. My work is done!"

  2. Hah, honestly, it was all their idea! Of course, I willingly went along with it! :)

  3. Cute pictures, love to see and hear what is going on with Flannery!

  4. Thanks! We'll have to skype soon, too!