Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Let Yourself Be Yourself

I have recently realized that I'm kind of strange. I'm not your average 31 year old.

For instance, I love to watch Mystery Diagnosis. It's my favorite show. That's just weird.

And I love country music and Christian pop. This really embarrasses my husband, who only listens to bands that no one else has yet discovered.

Also, when I'm at a party, I gravitate to the kiddie table. I'm just more comfortable with kids than with adults. Kids are more fun and more honest, and really, less work than making small talk.

But I somehow don't think that's normal.

And I'm okay with that. It makes me happy to just be myself. Not to worry about who thinks my favorite TV shows are strange, or that my Christian pop CDs are cheesy, or that it's odd I'd rather hang out with preschoolers than grown ups. When I turned 30, one of my friends told me, "Thirty means not having to explain yourself."

I like that. These days I'm just letting myself be myself.

By the way, I had my new speech kiddos at my new school create self-portraits, and I thought this would be a good post for showing them off. I just love how each one sort of shows a bit of each child's personality. (And just so you know, the scary Spock looking kiddo is actually a very non scary sweetheart...too funny!)

What have you embraced about your strange self lately?


  1. Love it! 31! 31! But I will judge you for the musical tastes and also prescribe a healthy dose of Glee for TV. The beauty of 31 isn't that people stop judging you though; it's that you stop caring! I embraced that I like to go to morning movies by myself! I don't get why we go with other people - people we are lucky to have carved out 2 hours to spend together, just to sit next to each other in a dark room where you're chastised for speaking! Nuts! And call me a senior citizen, but if a movie before Noon costs less, I'm willing to set the alarm clock!

  2. Hah, I agree that I'd rather chat with my friends than see a movie together. But if you have tons of time together, it's nice to do a movie. And matinees are great!

  3. I like your movie alone friend above..I have always thought that going to a movie on a date was just plain stupid..really...I would rather spend my date talking, snuggling, etc. :-)

  4. Oh and I liked you from the first day we sat on that bus tour together in Oglehtorpe Co!! ;-) I never thought you were strange!

  5. Thanks, Amber! I had forgotten about the bus tour...too fun!