Thursday, September 23, 2010

Experience Nature

One of the things I've found to be true for me during my happiness project, is that time spent in nature is restorative. Experiencing nature reenergizes me, calms me, allows me to be in the moment more, and just generally makes me happier.

I was excited to run across this article by a Duke researcher, that discusses whether time spent in nature can be helpful in other ways. Specifically, he reviews two articles that examine whether children with ADHD are better able to focus their attention after spending time in nature. Not just outside on an asphalt playground, but actually in a natural green space. And from what I gather, the effect of time spent in nature was pretty significant (as significant an effect as ADHD meds for the task they measured). Interesting stuff!

So maybe taking a walk on my lunch break could actually help me focus better in the afternoon.

Yet another reason to get myself off the computer and out the door for a walk more often!

How does time in nature affect you?

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