Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our First Family Camping Experience

Here are some photos from our fun camping trip, as promised!

It was simply a lovely time. And the best thing was that we had no cell phone or internet service while we were there, so it was a real vacation from everything! Don't you love the trash bag in the family photo?

The guys deep in thought. I bet they're thinking about grilled meat.

The girlies were soooo sleepy, but naps just didn't happen the whole weekend. Too much excitement going on!

Amama got her wish to sleep in a tent through a rainy night...VERY rainy!

We're hoping to make camping a fun family tradition. It's something both Robi and I remember enjoying with each of our families when we were young. And since it was pretty successful (minus the thunderstorm!), we're hoping it will get more enjoyable the more we go. Fun!

What family traditions do you value from your childhood? What new traditions do you want to create for yourself now?

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