Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do What Needs to be Done

My house is clean now.

My daughter has had playdates and fun outings and summer camp all week. (Above are some cute photos of her playdate today, during which we made a birthday cake and sang happy birthday (with candles and all!) to some twin baby dolls.)

My tons of start-up paperwork for all my new summer clients is done.

And I'm exhausted.

But happy!

It feels good to get things done.

I promise I'll be back to posting regularly now!

Why does a clean house make me so much happier than it should? Have you noticed your own mood being affected by the level of chaos in your home?


  1. YESSSS!!! I need to do the clean out and get rid of challenge b/c I am drowning in inspire me!

  2. Hah, I'm not sure if I would serve as inspiration or a warning of what not to do! I usually wait until I'm completely stressed out to declutter, when I really feel better if I just do a little cleaning and decluttering each day. I do keep a goodwill bag in my pantry, though, which is helpful! Good luck!

  3. It is a kind of art creation to me, always changing, but a reflection of what I love in life. The photos, the wall colors, blending the accessories, the lovely antique furniture I have picked for each space, the comfy feel of a room especially when it is clean and maybe full of friends or is like surrounding yourself with positive people who lift you up when your house is clean...who needs the messiness and its negativity! That said, I would rather leave the dishes dirty in the sink anytime to tuck my grand child into bed and read them a story!

  4. True, mom, very true! It is like a little art creation!