Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Beginning of Bounty

Our little porch garden is really doing well, despite my tendency to forget to water it! It's pretty amazing! Luckily tomato and pepper plants seem pretty forgiving.

We've been enjoying fresh basil regularly, and this morning, we got the chance to eat our first bell pepper from our own garden. We had it for breakfast in some "garden eggs" (scrambled eggs with whatever fresh veggies we have on hand to throw in). Today, the scramble included tomato, bell pepper, fresh garlic, basil, and feta cheese. We had it with some bagel bread toast and watermelon. Tasty!

Our tomatoes are really coming along. It's exciting to see the red emerge slowly, and then suddenly they're ready! And so far (knock on wood!), no squirrels have bitten any of them.

We also have some fancy chili peppers of some sort. They are curly and cute, but I'm not brave enough to try one. I'm not a fan of spicy hot stuff.
Oh, and happy birthday to my wonderful father-in-law! My in-laws dropped by for an impromptu lunch today on their way back home from Virginia, and it was so nice to get to see them! When we visit their place next week, I'll try to snap a few photos of their's the real deal!

What are you growing right now? What do you want to grow soon? What do you suggest I think about for late summer/fall planting?


  1. Very jealous of your tomatoes. We have enjoyed collards and kale and a bit of basil from our garden so far. Our tomatoes have blossoms so far only, and one tiny green tomato. Some broccoli is ready to be harvested and the slugs are really harsh on the broccoli.
    In the community garden we are looking forward to corn carrots and lots of extra tomatoes.

  2. Kale sounds so yummy! And I don't even know what corn carrots are, but how cool!